Wrekin Forest School and Events celebrations:

To book an event at Wrekin Forest School CIC please go to our Forest School website where you will find everything you need to know. https://wrekinforestschool.co.uk/

Wedding, Celebrations & Campsite terms and conditions:

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The activities proved by Wrekin Forest School and Events ltd ( referred to as Wrekin Forest School and Events/WFE, us, our, we, we are a company incorporated in England and Wales with company number 11603649.
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We will provide activities and events using care and skill. We may appoint independent sub-contractors to run or assist with our activities and events. We, on occasion, use third parties to supply certain aspects of our activities and events. We use reasonable care in selecting competent independent sub-contractors and third parties.
Our own staff are all trained to a high standard and are DBS checked in accordance with the law.
It is your responsibility to ensure that all participants understand health and safety instructions which will be given in English.
If you are making a booking on behalf of another person you must be the parent or legal guardian if the person is a minor.
If you are making an online booking or booking request by any other means you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and this constitutes an agreement between us.
You are responsible for checking the details of your booking and notifying us immediately of any errors.
We reserve the right to refuse a booking without the need to give a reason.
Before a booking contract comes into existence between you and us we reserve the right to increase or decrease advertised prices for activities and events at any time and without notice.
If our costs of running an activity or event increase for a reason beyond our control we reserve the right to increase our fees accordingly. even after a contract has been created.
A consent form must be submitted by all attendee partaking in activities and events. A fundamental part of signing this is accepting that our activities and events present an element of measured risk.
All special medical requirements or health conditions must be reported upon completing this form.
Special dietary requirements and food allergies must be notified prior to your activity or event.
Appropriate clothing should be worn for all activities and events, this includes long trousers, tops with long sleeves and closed toes footwear. We cannot accept responsibility for insect bites or allergic reactions to plants. It is your responsibility to dress correctly and provide insect repellent as required.
Property is left onsite at your own risk.
We reserve the right to charge for damaged equipment.
An activity or event description constitutes only an indication of what activities or events will take place and does not form part of the contract between us.
Expenses due to alterations are born by the participant and in certain circumstances charges may be made by us to implement these alterations.
You must conduct yourself in an acceptable manner. Parents, guardians and teachers are responsible for the behaviour of attendees in their care and must maintain control of their charges at all times and in all areas, including the events site, camp site and forest school site.

Activities and Events

Wrekin Forest School bookings require a payment of 50% before a booking is considered firm, this is considered as a non-refundable but transferable deposit. Full payment must be made a minimum of four days prior to the booked event. Cancellation of a party when done by the client within 48 hours of the scheduled party this will mean a loss of the whole payment and is not transferable.

In the case of forest school parties numbers should be advised upon booking and must be confirmed a minimum of 48 hours prior to the booked event. If there is an increase in the numbers attending on the day then this must be agreed with ourselves prior to the party due to staffing purposes and any additional costs will be immediately payable. We would ask that you give us as much notice if your party is to exceed 18 for staffing purposes, with the exception of the Tinies party as that must not exceed 14. If party numbers fall below the confirmed number of attendees, a reduction in price cannot be made due to pre-booked staff levels.

Celebrations on the field or events site is maintained to the highest standard and it is expected that it will be maintained by users to this high standard. We do everything in our power to keep the site safe, but can not guarantee that every tree remains intact despite regular checks. Guests must be kept within the agreed numbers for the chosen package. We prefer you to use our trusted suppliers on our site, there is a small charge for providers not listed with us. Other suppliers used on our site must be listed and insurance documents must be submitted to us a minimum of four weeks prior to event date. We anticipate we may need to meet suppliers onsite for deliveries, but if these providers are not our own we charge for those journey made as a direct need to take delivery of items directly relating to your event…eg the generator or toilets not supplied through our providers. For each provider used that is not one of our recommended supplier we charge £25, this is to cover required communication with the supplier and the need to clear rubbish from providers post event.

All our packages include everything your need to accommodate your event from the marque barn, with its disco lit dance floor & its catering tent, to the mini marque, the ‘chill out tent’ for your quiet space & our lovely wooden gazebo, ideal for Registrar’s table, or for creating a food station. Simple fairy light & hessian bunting decorations from which to build your own bespoke look. Enjoy your evening round the fire pit with your marshmallows. You will have the use of a simple battery operated amplifier.

Where possible please use our suppliers for hog roast, generators and toilets. We have partnered up with a selection of trusted suppliers, they know our site and provide excellent service. This applies to all packages but in particular for the full ‘Forest Festival Package’ & ‘Celebration Field’ hire. Only alcohol served with the main meal may be brought to site by clients, we provide all bar facilities at excellent better than pub prices. We will organise all your bookings for a small fee.

All prices & facilities are subject to change without prior notice under exceptional circumstances or when prices that are not within our control change to an extent that they can not be absorbed.

Those hiring the celebration field will be provided with a mowed grass area suitable for a tipi or marquee. The field has a small corner garden suitable for photos and a selection of fruit and willow trees.

All celebration bookings require a deposit.

Security for the Events site only: We provide a security service when required, £250 per night for two staff members 8pm-8am.

To comply with licensing rules ALL AMPLIFIED MUSIC MUST STOP BY 11.00PM with a turn down policy at 10.45pm. If you are camping and wish to continue your celebration then perhaps try a silent disco to follow your band/disco, various companies will hire the headsets for this fun activity or you can simply retire to the ‘Chill Out Tent’ if you hiring the events site. A low volume play list may also continue beyond 11.00pm. None camping guest must leave by 12 midnight.

Wrekin Forest School and Wrekin Forest Events will take every care to provide all that you need to make your celebration a success. We have provided a designated space in which to have your celebration and this space is kept, as far as possible, safe for your celebration and for the possibility of overnight camping. The woodland beyond this designated space is not maintained to a safe standard and therefore should not be entered at any time, the main Forest School area should not be explored without being purchased as part of your package. Log seating should be returned to their original positions if moved.

  • A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required for all events site and celebration field bookings. An additional refundable £200 deposit is taken to ensure the site is left in a good condition, that breakages are financially covered and that the respective sites are completely cleared to a good standard where terms and conditions require this to be the responsibility of the attendees. This deposit will also pay for any outstanding aspects of your booking, including fuel for the generator if required.
  • Final payment must be made a minimum of four weeks prior to the event date, the deposit may in certain circumstances be transferable, but not refundable. Any request for date changes must be made no later than four weeks prior to the booked event date if any change is to be considered, we will do our best to accommodate a date change, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Cancellation made less than four weeks prior to the booked event will result in a total loss of payments. Cancellation made more than four weeks prior to the event will allow the deposit to be transferred to an alternative date, no refunds of deposits may be given, but any excess monies may be refunded where no additional costs have been incurred.
  • BACS payments: Wrekin Forest School and Events ltd: A/N: 48873759, Sort Code: 60-83-71
  • No fireworks or Chinese lanterns may be used.
  • No glass may be used on the events site, other than bottles. Because we love our natural environment and care about the true owners of our woodland, the wild-life, we will provide you with reusable plastic cups and would ask that you only use natural confetti.
  • Glass may be used on the celebration field but it is the responsibility of those booking to ensure no glass remains on site.
  • All amplified music must stop before 11.00pm, music must be turned down at 10.45pm. Continue to celebrate with a silent disco, acoustic music or non-amplified playlist. 

Forest School adventure activities take place in the School space and must be led by a qualified leader provided by WFS. We can provide archery, air rifle shooting etc as part of your celebration using qualified staff at an additional cost of £95 for two hrs. 

Expectation of behaviour of musicians & bands attending Wrekin Forest Events ltd

  • Please ensure you have relevant property, personal & public liability insurance…no insurance is provided by Wrekin Forest Events ltd, no responsibility for loss or damage of property is taken by Wrekin Forest Events ltd (WFE).
  • Please ensure that all equipment used is not dragged on the polished floor of the marque barn, matting can be provided if required.
  • Unless an alternative request is made TEN’s applications made for events held at WFE require amplified music to not begin before 6pm and to cease entirely by 11.00pm with a turn down policy at 10.45pm. None amplified music may continue beyond this time for camper.
  • All music must be played at a level that would be considered reasonable for local residents. Sound does travel across the fields and residents do hear music played at WFE
  • All guest leaving must vacate the site by 12 midnight.

Pricing & costs

All prices are subject to increase, without notice, where exceptional circumstances occur that are beyond the control of the company directors and can not be absorbed by the company. We will do our best to ensure this does not happen within four weeks of your event.

We thank you for your co-operation.